Phase I – Pre-Clean Walkdown/Visit

A PSA Chemical Cleaning Consultant conducts a pre-site visit to initially meet with the client, interface with “key personnel,” and obtain boiler system background information, historical cleaning information, tube sample information, history of feedwater upsets, pertinent  boiler and auxiliary system drawings and to physically walk the boiler system down.  This is done to determine and identify chemical cleaning connections to facilitate filling, draining and circulating the various chemical cleaning stages.  In addition, the logistical set-up of the chemical cleaning vendor’s equipment is conceptualized and the consultant assesses disposal options for the various types of waste generated during the chemical clean.  Detailed sketches are developed for determining isolation points as well as defining temporary or permanent connection points for performing and monitoring various stages of the chemical clean.

Phase II – Off-Site Engineering

Once Phase I is complete, the next phase consists of the following:

  • Analyze current tube sample(s) and/or perform efficacy testing to determine suitable and acceptable cleaning solutions along with prediction of the expected outcome.
  • Complete electronic drawings for the temporary and/or permanent chemical cleaning connections that were initiated during Phase I.
  • Develop and write a bid specification for chemical cleaning contractors so that they can submit consistent proposals for client review.
  • Review and evaluate chemical cleaning contractor’s quotations and provide input to the client.
  • Develop a detailed chemical cleaning procedure for the actual chemical cleaning.
  • Interface with the client and successful chemical cleaning contractor regarding details for the chemical clean as needed.

Phase III – Chemical Cleaning Coverage

PSA Chemical Cleaning Consultants provide 24-hour coverage of the entire boiler chemical cleaning job, inspect the boiler post-clean, and oversee the post-clean flushing.  PSA consultants help the chemical cleaning contractor troubleshoot and resolve issues during the set-up and execution of the chemical cleaning process.  The PSA Chemical Cleaning Consultants work with the client and chemical cleaning vendor by monitoring the boiler temperatures at each stage and review all chemical testing results to ensure the proper reaction kinetics and maintain a chemical cleaning log.  A final written summary report is provided to the client documenting the results of the chemical clean.